Partnership will Assist Local Black Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

GREENVILLE, N.C. — The City of Greenville today announced its partnership with Operation HOPE to accelerate its groundbreaking One Million Black Businesses Initiative (1MBB).

Greenville's commitment includes supporting the creation of 350 new Black-owned businesses by 2030 with a focus on critical tools for business growth such as technology and resources, educational programs, and the opportunity to access capital.

Through 1MBB, the City of Greenville will ensure that their members who are aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs have access to resources and capital to successfully start and sustain their endeavors.

The 1MBB initiative includes personalized coaching and entrepreneurship training (ETP) by certified financial coaches via webinars and workshops. Participants also gain access to a coalition of prominent groups in accounting, legal, e-commerce, technology and marketing. In addition to coaching on credit and money management. Participants represent a diverse set of industries ranging from apparel and consumer goods to education and health services.

"The partnership with the One Million Black Businesses Initiative is the latest move by the City to assist local businesses and enhance the diversity of business ownership in Greenville," City Manager Ann Wall said. "We have so many talented entrepreneurs in our city, and we look forward to utilizing the resources provided by the One Million Black Businesses Initiative to help them succeed."

Launched in October 2020 with founding partner Shopify, 1MBB aims to remove traditional hurdles to Black entrepreneurship and encourage more aspiring Black business owners to start – and scale – by providing them with the tools, resources, and education needed to succeed. Through this program, Black business owners can sign up for Operation HOPE’s award-winning model of community uplift, financial literacy and education, with access to tailored tools and resources upon graduation. To learn more about 1MBB or to get your business started, visit

For more information about the One Million Black Businesses Initiative (1MBB), contact Greenville Financial Services Manager Wanda House at (252) 329-4862 or by emailing


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Photo courtesy of the City of Greenville.