About the Program

The Greenville-Pitt County Chamber of Commerce Leadership Institute strives to provide Greenville-Pitt County with an enduring source of diverse leaders who are prepared and committed to serving the community.  During the eight-month program, participants get an in-depth view of community issues, develop leadership skills necessary to assume leadership roles, and are exposed to community involvement opportunities.  Participants study the qualities that make an effective leader, analyze individual leadership roles, and develop personal leadership styles and skills.  The program will open your eyes to new challenges and opportunities and the role you can play in shaping the future of our community and region.

Through hands-on experience, participants fully explore topics such as: education, government and law, arts and culture, economic development, health care, business and industry, and media.  The program culminates with a graduation ceremony and the unveiling of the class project.  Once graduated, participants become alumni of the program and continue their impact on the Greenville-Pitt County community.

The Greenville-Pitt County Chamber of Commerce Leadership Institute has trained and graduated over 995 civic leaders since its inception in 1983.

What can the Leadership Institute do for you?

The ultimate goal of the Greenville-Pitt County Chamber of Commerce Leadership Institute is for participants to become actively involved in leadership roles in the community, thus enriching the quality of life and shaping the future.  During the eight-month program, participants will gain:

  • Personal leadership skills and development
  • An in-depth view of critical issues facing our community
  • Opportunities to discuss key issues with community leaders
  • Access to opportunities for community involvement
  • New and strengthened relationships with peers


How long is the program?
The Leadership Institute runs from September - May.  There is an opening reception in August that serves as a meet and greet for the participants and sponsors.  Attendance for the opening reception is highly encouraged.  The program begins with a mandatory overnight retreat, Thursday, September 8 - Friday, September 9 at The Trinity Center in Pine Knoll Shores, NC.  There is one program session each month and the program concludes with a graduation ceremony.

Who can apply?
Applicants must be employed by a Chamber member business/organization in good standing and live and/or work in Pitt County.  Applications are carefully reviewed by the Leadership Advisory Council and participants are selected based on community involvement and their commitment to bettering themselves and their community.  Applicants must have prior approval of their supervisor, if applicable for this commitment.

How much does the program cost?
Tuition for the Greenville-Pitt County Chamber of Commerce Leadership Institute is $1,250.  The tuition fee covers all related expenses associated with the program.  Cancellation after acceptance into the program, but prior to the retreat, results in forfeiture of 50% of the tuition.  No refund will be made if cancellation occurs during or after the retreat.  Tuition must be paid in full by the due date listed on the application.

What are the program requirements?
Over the course of the program, no class member may miss more than two class sessions.  If a participant is unable to attend a class session, he/she must provide notification prior to that respective session.  To successfully graduate from the program, participants are expected to adhere to the attendance requirements.

Leadership Institute Application Form

To download an application form for the 2022-2023 Leadership Institute program, click here.
Applications are due by Friday, August 12, 2022.


Please contact Kimber Stone or call (252) 752-4101.

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