March 28 - April 1, 2022

What is Grow Local?

Grow Local is an exciting initiative where Pitt County businesses open their doors to host local middle and high school students, providing them an experience to introduce, involve, inspire and invest in students and young adult lives.

How do I participate?

Businesses and employers can participate in three main ways:

  • Host an experience
  • Sponsor
  • Be a Grow Local supporter and recruit additional businesses to participate

What is an experience and how can my organization host?

An experience is an activity that exposes student participants to a specific career, company or industry.  Experience types range from tours and activities, to job shadows.  Experiences should have clear learning objectives that relate to the job, industry or company that you are showcasing, and hands-on activities and information on future education needs for the jobs presented.

Businesses and employers of all sizes and industries can participate by hosting experiences.

Where will experiences take place?

All Grow Local experiences in 2021 will take place virtually.  Your business will still match with similar classes and fields.

How long does an experience last?

There is no set duration for experiences.  The time allotted for an experience should be planned around the activities the participants will be doing and school day time constraints.  Experiences could range from one (1) to two (2) hours.

What are the sponsorship opportunities and how do I sign up to be a sponsor?

There are multiple sponsorship levels:

  • Platinum ($1,000)
  • Gold ($500)
  • Silver ($250)

To obtain additional details and sign up, contact Kimber Stone or call (252) 752-4101 ext. 2222.

What is a Grow Local Supporter and how do I sign up?

Grow Local Supporters are volunteers that help promote the program and recruit businesses and employers to host experiences.  To sign up, contact Kimber Stone or call (252) 752-4101 ext. 2222.

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