What is GoLocal Greenville?

GoLocal Greenville is an initiative that encourages all who live and work in Greenville-Pitt County to shop, hire, collaborate, and innovate locally.  We want to create a community that takes pride in supporting each other and works together to create a strong, vibrant local economy.

Why GoLocal Greenville?

When you GoLocal Greenville, you:

  1. Strengthen the economic base of the community - Support your friends and neighbors by continuing to do businesses locally.

  2. Create more local jobs - Help our local employers provide more jobs and hire more residents by supporting their businesses.

  3. Invest in the community - Keeping dollars in our local community means businesses are able to invest in the future of our community.

  4. Encourage innovation - Help show existing and budding entrepreneurs that Greenville-Pitt County is a one-of-a-kind community with distinctive character by supporting local businesses.

  5. Help build the strongest business climate in eastern North Carolina - Building a strong business-friendly environment is essential to growing our local economy.

Who Can Get Involved in GoLocal Greenville?

The answer is simple...EVERYONE!

Businesses can get involved by downloading the GoLocal Greenville digital marketing kit.  Utilize the information and resources in the kit to promote local patronage.

Citizens can get involved by remembering to do business locally throughout the year.  That means shopping in Greenville-Pitt County, supporting your friends and neighbors, and using local service providers for your business needs.

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GoLocal Greenville Marketing Kit

Click here to download the GoLocal Greenville marketing kit and and start promoting GoLocal Greenville in your business.  Share how you are going local in Greenville-Pitt County by using the hashtag #GoLoGreenville when posting on social media.

Hire Local Pledge

Take the Hire Local Pledge.  Click here to download the Hire Local Pledge Card.