Greenville – ENC Alliance Funds Pocket Park for Ayden

The recently formed Greenville ENC Alliance has approved a grant to help one of the region’s towns. The Town of Ayden will use the $10,000 construct a pocket park behind Ayden’s Town Hall.

Ayden Town Manager Steven Harrell said, “The Greenville – ENC Alliance’s grant for our ‘pocket park’ enables us to move forward with installation of this vitally important greenspace in our downtown enhancing its economic viability, which is the Alliance’s mission for Pitt County.

“I’m proud as Chairman of the Greenville – ENC Alliance that we could support the creation of this pocket park for the Town of Ayden,” said Greenville – ENC Alliance Board Chair Michael Overton. “They are a great supporter of the Alliance and have some exciting things going on economically. We are blessed to be able to partner with them on this initiative and look forward to an exciting and prosperous future.”

In 2018, ECU student interns produced the Ayden Downtown Greenspace Improvement Plan. From this plan, the town approved the plan to improve underutilized spaces in the downtown to help attract business and leisure to the central business district. The plan, scheduled to be completed in July 2020, will serve as a business recruiting tool for Ayden.

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Founded in 2019, the Greenville – ENC Alliance is a public-private partnership for economic development across Pitt County, North Carolina. Their mission is to market the region, support new, existing, and start-up businesses, develop community assets, maximize opportunities for investment and enhance quality of life by engaging the private and public sectors in a collaborative economic development program. To learn more about the Greenville – ENC Alliance go to