Greenville and Pitt County's infrastructure is a huge reason why the area is an economic, cultural and retail hub in Eastern North Carolina. Many businesses, industries and organizations have located to Greenville and Pitt County because of its position as that hub.

The area's road and highway system place Greenville and Pitt County 85 miles east of Raleigh, 87 miles west of the Atlantic Ocean, 157 miles from Richmond VA, and 265 miles south of Washington DC. In addition, its utilities, telecommunications and water services are readily available for use.

  • Approximately 30 common carriers have terminals within a 40 mile radius
  • Three major deep water ports within 120 miles (Wilmington, NC, Morehead City, NC, Norfolk, VA)
  • Two strong, financially healthy railroads crisscross the County (Norfolk Southern Railway and CSX Transportation)
  • Pitt-Greenville Airport in Greenville offers daily commuter service to Charlotte (Navaids ILS/DME)
  • Four lane highways to all North Carolina borders (I-95 is 38 miles west)
  • Highways free of toll roads
  • Underground aquifers, the Tar River, and the Neuse River provide high quality adequate water supplies
  • Eight municipal and three rural community water systems serve the County
  • Greenville Utilities Commission (GUC) operates a 22.5 mgd water plant
  • A 17.5 mgd wastewater treatment plant provides service to GUC customers
  • Piedmont Natural Gas and GUC supply natural gas to the area
  • Duke Energy Progress, Dominion Power, GUC, Pitt-Greene EMC, Edgecombe-Martin EMC and several municipalities distribute electric service to the County
  • Most power agencies offer discounted rates to large industrial customers

Five communities in Pitt County have water and wastewater (sewer) treatment facilities. Most systems are capable of treating industrial wastewater. Natural gas is available in sufficient quantities for process use in Ayden, Farmville, Winterville and Greenville; service could also be provided in the Grifton area for large users where use would justify the costs of extending nearby distribution or transmission lines. Electric service is distributed by Duke Energy Progress, Dominion Power, Edgecombe-Martin EMC, Pitt & Greene EMC, the Greenville Utilities Commission, and several municipalities.

  • Local telephone service provided by CenturyLink, Suddenlink and four additional companies
  • Call waiting, holding, and forwarding, speed and conference calling available in all areas of Pitt County
  • Cellular telephone service - Member Directory
  • Satellite systems available from local distributors/installers
  • All major television networks operate local broadcasting stations (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS) within 45 miles of Greenville - Member Directory
  • Cable TV available in all larger incorporated towns
  • All varieties of music on both AM & FM radio stations (including Public Radio) - Member Directory
  • One major local newspaper, The Daily Reflector, and one major area metropolitan newspaper, The News & Observer, delivered daily
  • Express Mail service offered at Post Offices
  • Private carrier express mail service also available locally (including UPS)
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