Welcome to Greenville and Pitt County – the hub of eastern North Carolina.

Greenville is the retail, healthcare, educational, cultural and sports hub of eastern North Carolina. The designation has been rightfully earned by the people of the region by both carefully preserving a rich historical heritage and displaying an energetic willingness to adapt to a changing economic and commercial world.

From every retail store you can imagine, to a world-class regional medical facility and heart center, to one of the state’s largest universities and a top-notch medical school, Greenville is rich in opportunity.  Greenville offers something which is becoming increasingly rare in today’s fast-paced world – a small town atmosphere ideal in which to live, work, play and raise a family and all without sacrificing any of the “big city” lures of arts and culture, shopping centers, entertainment, education and medical services.

Progressive planning and cooperation between government, business and private citizens has allowed the Greenville MSA to maintain a careful balance between economic growth and a high quality of life for old-family residents and newcomers alike. The region continues to combine a low cost of living with ideal climate, truly superior recreational capabilities, excellent medical and educational facilities, a well-trained, eager and loyal work force and cultural amenities usually found in much larger and more cosmopolitan population centers.

Pitt County is the 27th most populous county in North Carolina with a current population of 177,220 (July 2016). Pitt County is home to 8 other municipalities, each with their own charm and unique atmospheres. Preliminary figures indicate employment in Pitt County increased from 82,353 in 2016 to 84,465 in 2017. Pitt County retains its position as the number one retail trade center in the central and northern areas of eastern North Carolina.

Whether you are visiting this region of North Carolina for recreation and relaxation or are considering becoming a part of its ever-expanding business, medical or educational communities, we welcome the chance to show you that we’re dedicated to make your stay here one that is second to none.

Greenville - 91,495
Census Bureau's July 1, 2016 estimate

Pitt County - 177,220
Census Bureau's July 1, 2016 estimate

The diversity, quality, and availability of human resources in Pitt County are primary reasons why such notable and diverse companies as DSM, NACCO Materials Handling Group, ASMO, Karastan, and Weyerhaeuser have established major manufacturing facilities in our communities. Our people have also provided the basis for the continued expansion of these industries. In fact, every major manufacturer has expanded their operations in Pitt County since their initial location, regardless of whether they produce pharmaceuticals or textiles.

Business and industry in Pitt County have found the people of Pitt County and North Carolina definitely have a pro-business attitude:

  • Several local plants hold productivity, attendance, and safety records within their companies and their industries.
  • People are characteristically loyal, desiring direct personal contact with fellow workers and with management, exhibit pride in their workmanship, and are interested in self-development and the acquisition of new skills.
  • Essentially all manufacturing facilities in the county operate free from unions with employees eager to take on multiple job functions and skills.
  • Local leadership is responsive to the needs of the business community
  • Work stoppages are nonexistent.

The people of Pitt County are proud of the business climate. They work diligently to enhance an environment in which business feels welcome, prospers, and expands with the knowledge their investments are sound ones. All of the manufacturers that have located facilities in Pitt County since 1965 operate union-free plants. In fact, all manufacturing, distribution and administrative office employees in Pitt County, with the exception of workers at one tobacco processing facility, are not affiliated with any union. During the past 40 (forty) years there have been a total of five union elections in the county, and all but one have been won by management with healthy margins.

  • Construction costs in North Carolina consistently below national average
  • Abundance of locally available construction materials
  • Building costs in Pitt County/Greenville area are below other major population centers in state
  • All area companies are open-shop contractors
  • Comparatively low cost land
  • Site preparation costs are usually minimal
  • Mild climate allows year-round construction
  • Wide variety of construction services and plant maintenance available locally
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