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Community Safety Committee - Committee focuses on community safety and works to recognize those who make it a safe place to live and work.

Community Unity Breakfast - Held each year on the commemoration of Martin Luther King Jr's birthday to celebrate and further diversity in Greenville and Pitt County.

Education Network Luncheon - The Chamber hosts an Education Network Luncheon to support Pitt County School and its teachers.

Education Summit - The Chambers hosts the annual Education Summit to illuminate important trends and initiatives related to education in Pitt County.

Government Relations - The Chamber serves as the business voice to local, state, and federal government. We monitor issues that may have an effect on the business community and work to keep our members informed. POWER events (breakfast and/or luncheons) are held to give Chamber members a front-row look at government issues that may be of concern to business as well as timely topics of interest.

Issues Committee - The Chamber frequently monitors governmental issues that can have an impact on business, particularly small business.  Information is provided to chamber members as well as opportunities for input on particular issues.

Legislative Breakfast - The Chamber's Annual Legislative Breakfast (Pitt County delegation) provides Chamber members and their employees the opportunity to establish relationships with key decision makers and voice opinions on issues moving forward in Greenville and Pitt County.

Legislative Trips - Trips are organized to Raleigh and to Washington periodically to allow Chamber members the opportunity to interact with elected officials and to learn first-hand about timely issues.

Power Luncheons - The Chamber brings key issues to the forefront for members to provide valuable information and to provide interaction with the leaders responsible for governing or managing said issues.

Safety Awards Dinner - Presented in cooperation with the N.C. Dept. of Labor and recognizes those who make it a safe place to live and work.

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